Truth Matters Resources

The following resources complement Andreas Köstenberger’s, Darrell Bock’s and Josh Chatraw’s book, Truth Matters.

Main Resources

To purchase and for more information about Truth Matters on Amazon, click here.

For more information about the Truth Matters Leaders Kit (a seven-session study for all youth), click here.

To view a series of videos (registration may be required) with the authors of Truth Matters addressing each chapter of the book, click here or click on the video you would like to view: Introduction: Living in an Age of Criticism, The Resurrection, Differences in Scripture, Suffering, Textual Criticism, Alternative Christianities (Part 1), Alternative Christianities (Part 2), and Book Canon.

To view Tackling the Top 5 Questions from Bible Skeptics written by author Andreas Köstenberger, click here.

To view a promotional video for Truth Matters on YouTube, click here.

To view Ed Stetzer interviewing co-author Darrell Bock about Truth Matters on The Exchange, click here.

Book Reviews

To view a book review written by Coleman Ford on the Gospel Coalition’s website, click here.

To view a book review written by Mikel Del Rosario on, click here.

To view a book review written by Lynnae McCoy on, click here.

To view all reviews posted by users on Amazon’s website, click here.


Liberty University hosted “Truth Matters Biblical Studies Symposium” from March 3rd-5th, 2013 featuring Darrell Bock, Josh Chatraw, and Andreas Köstenberger.

To view the video from March 3rd at the Biblical Studies Symposium, click here.

To view the video from March 4th at the Seminary Chapel, click here (or YouTube).