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Al Mohler
Read Dr. Mohler’s commentaries and blogs on current events. He has the unique quality of being knowledgeable on just about every subject.

Andy Naselli
Plenty of helpful resources for biblical studies students and pastors.

Between Two Worlds
Justin Taylor’s mix of theology, philosophy, politics, and culture.

Canon Fodder
The website of Michael Kruger, President of Reformed Theological Seminary and Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity.

Daniel Wallace
The blog of Dan Wallace, Senior Professor of NT studies at Dallas Theological Seminary and the Executive Director of The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts.

theLAB is an academic blog maintained by Logos. You’ll find helpful blogs from biblical scholars on a variety of research interests and topics.

Biblical Studies

Best Commentaries
A helpful source for commentary reviews.

The Bible Project
On this site, you’ll find many user-friendly videos and other resources that trace the storyline of Scripture.

Biola’s Unbound Bible Project
The Unbound Bible Project allows you to search and display multiple versions and multiple languages at once. The Greek and Hebrew texts offered aren’t the standard critical texts, but there is an option to show them parsed with variants.

Bulletin for Biblical Research
On this site, tou can find the entire archive of back issues for BBR.

Center for the Study of NT Manuscripts
A great site that allows you to view photos of NT manuscripts such as Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Alexandrinus as well as several minuscules. It is sure to be a helpful resource for anyone involved in NT textual criticism.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
CCEL hosts an extensive free library of classic Christian literature.

Daily Dose of Greek
This site is maintained by Dr. Robert Plummer, Professor of New Testament at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and includes helpful videos to improve your NT Greek.

Denver Seminary’s Annotated NT Exegesis Bibliography
An annotated bibliography of New Testament exegesis prepared by the New Testament Faculty of Denver Seminary.

Denver Seminary’s Annotated OT Bibliography
An annotated bibliography of Old Testament works by the Old Testament Faculty of Denver Seminary.

Early Christian Writings
This site has links to online texts of and resources for the NT, Pseudepigrapha, Church Fathers, and other early Christian writings.

A free Bible study program which can display multiple versions. It also supports any modules in STEP format, many of which are free.

Exegetical Tools
This site contains a wealth of resources for biblical exegesis including videos on Greek exegesis, book reviews, and notices on book deals.

Greek New Testament
This powerful tool has the text of the Greek New Testament with the option of displaying what appears to be the entire UBS/ NA27 apparatus. You can also show allusions in the church Fathers concerning the displayed verses.

The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
This site includes archives of previous editions of JETS where you can access articles.

Access the Louw-Nida lexicon online.

The North American Patristics Society
NAPS provides a wide collection of resources for the study of Early Christianity.

NT Gateway
The New Testament counterpart to the OT Gateway.

N. T. Wright’s Page
Unofficial web page dedicated to N. T. Wright. It has downloadable versions of some of Wright’s writings and sermons,

Open Bible
This site is working on geocoding every known biblical site through Google earth so that users can zoom in on satellite photography of biblical sites.

Orbis: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World is a site that reconstructs the time and cost associated with a wide range of travel in antiquity.

OT Gateway
This is a helpful portal to connect you to various fonts and mostly public domain resources on the Old Testament.

Papyrology at Oxford
A host of helpful papyrology websites.

Patrologia Graeca
Patrologia Latina
Patrologia Orientalis
These pages contain links to the volumes of the Patrologia Graeca, Latina, and Orientalis.

STEP Bible
The STEP (Scripture Tools for Every Person) Bible is a project launched by Tyndale House. The STEP Bible provides access to English, Greek, and Hebrew bibles with a number of helpful features including a robust search function.

TLG (Thesaurus Linguae Graecae) Abridged Version
This is a free abridged version of TLG, which is a powerful tool which searches the Greek text of authors from antiquity to the patristic period. The abridged version lets you search from 34 representative authors.

Tyndale House: Doorway for Biblical Studies
The “Online Resources” link is full of great resources. Tyndale house has done us a great service by separating the free programs from the ones that cost money into separate columns so that they’re easy to distinguish.


The Carl F. H. Henry Center
The Henry Center for Theological Understanding at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School offers a forum for scholars, pastors, and other thinkers to engage in biblical and theological reflection. 

Desiring God
John Piper’s site which contains MP3’s of sermons as well as a collection of comments and articles categorized by subject.

Evangelical Philosophical Society
The philosophical counterpart to ETS.

Evangelical Theological Society
ETS is one of the premier forums for conservative evangelical scholarship. Here you can find information on joining the society and subscribing to their journal.

God Centered Life Ministries
GCL is the ministry site of Josh Moody and provides biblical resources to engage culture, train church leaders, and reach college campuses.

The Gospel Coalition
TGC’s site provides a wealth of resources addressing biblical and theological issues applied to the church and culture.

This is an excellent resource of mostly Reformed theological writings with a mix of classic public domain texts in HTML as well as current articles.


Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
This site contains many useful resources on the complementarian understanding of gender roles. You can also read PDF versions of the Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
The ERLC of the Southern Baptist Convention provides many helpful resources related to marriage and family as well as other issues affecting our culture today.

A Guide for Parents on How to Introduce Their Children to Christ
This is a helpful article providing suggestions for parents on how to introduce their children to Christ and Christianity, though parents will want to read this piece with discernment as to suggested resources.


Baptist Press
Find out what’s going on in the Southern Baptist Convention and the Christian community at large. BP also contains some articles on ethical issues facing Christianity in today’s culture.

World Magazine
World Magazine provides insightful reporting on current events from a Christian worldview.

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