What People Are Saying about Biblical Foundations

“I have had the wonderful honor and joyful privilege to interview Dr. Andreas Köstenberger and his wife Dr. Margaret Köstenberger on my daily, live Christian broadcast, IronSharpensIronRadio.com, and I eagerly look forward to their return as my guests soon, and often!

I enthusiastically urge, without reservation or hesitation, all of you in the body of Christ to make use of their extraordinary talents by means of their published works, Internet resources, media interviews or via your own invitation to them to speak at your seminars, conferences and any other public event you are planning to arrange in order to edify God’s people and to, by His grace, awaken the lost, especially if the theme happens to involve God’s blueprint for gender roles in the Bible.

Their brilliance and unwavering commitment to God-breathed truth is matched by their humility, cordiality, and irenic spirit. We surely need more voices like theirs amid the sad reality that controversial issues and hotly debated topics are so rarely addressed without the opposite extremes of indifference and apathy or pride and hostility eclipsing the core matters involved during interaction between those of opposing views.

I pray their ministry has a very long future ahead of them, and spreads far and wide with a powerful impact for the cause of Christ and His Word, wherever our Sovereign God is pleased to make the presence of the Köstenbergers known.”

—Chris Arnzen, host of Iron Sharpens Iron Radio

“A solid set of resources, one click away. Biblical Foundations is there to help you deepen your walk with God.”

—Darrell L. Bock, Executive Director for Cultural Engagement at the Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement, and Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary

“Missiologist Timothy Tennent aptly notes that the Apostle Paul was simultaneously the church’s greatest theologian and its greatest missionary.’ Both callings go hand in hand; and, for evangelicals, one should not be divorced from the other. Andreas Köstenberger, both a theologian and a missionary himself, understands this, and his website Biblical Foundations provides resources for both disciplines within global, evangelical scholarship. Rich in select, influential, and timely missiological and theological resources, Biblical Foundations is a generous gift to the global church, a gift that will keep giving for decades to come!”

—Keith Campbell, Global Partnerships Vice President at Global Scholars

“Andreas Köstenberger is a gift to the Body of Christ. His unique blend of precise scholarship and compassionate application meets the need of the hour. We need courage and civility to address the challenges in our culture and Dr. Köstenberger exemplifies both in his content and presentation. The more people have access to his material and resources, the better.”

—Paul Carter, Executive Committee Member of The Gospel Coalition Canada and Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church Orillia, Ontario

“Biblical Foundations serves as an excellent resource on cultural issues, biblical studies, theology, and apologetics. Through videos, articles, books, podcasts, and blogs, Biblical Foundations shares a wealth of wisdom. It serves as great resource for the unbeliever, curious church member, or aspiring theologian. And best of all, Andreas Köstenberger, one of evangelicalism’s premier New Testament scholars, stands behind this intuitive website.”

—Joshua Chatraw, Executive Director of the Center for Apologetics and Cultural Engagement at Liberty University and author of Apologetics at the Cross

“I have personally used the resources on this website for over 10 years. I have also referred many students to it for the high level of scholarship that is so accessible, being free on the internet. I highly recommend the website for scholars, students, and pastors to refine their understanding of Scripture.”

—David Croteau, Professor of New Testament and Greek at Columbia International University

“Andreas and Margaret Köstenberger have consistently provided a trusted and articulate scholarly voice for the church over the past several decades. Their new website provides a helpful repository of these contributions. We look forward to seeing how Andreas and Margaret will use this new tool to continue their service for the Global church in the years to come.”

—Nicholas J. Ellis, Director, Go Education

“Few places offer Christians such an array of biblically grounded material as Biblical Foundations. From articles on the life of Jesus to scholarly essays on hermeneutics, the fruit of Dr. Köstenberger’s decades of scholarly production is now easily accessible to us all. It is truly a hard task to speak with relevance to the church, family, academy, and culture, but such is the reach of this website.  Both the pastor and laymen, the scholar and seeker, will be helped to see how the Word of God forms the foundation for our worldview, relationships, homes and ministries.  Those seeking a more thoughtful and well-founded Christian life should dive in!”

—Rev. Sam Ferguson, Associate Pastor for Research and Teaching, Falls Church Anglican, Falls Church, VA

“It’s difficult to know whom you can trust with regard to biblical resources. Dr. Köstenberger has done us all a great service in curating a website chock-full of fantastic resources to build your faith and equip you for ministry.”

—Dave and Gloria Furman. Dave is Senior Pastor at Redeemer Church of Dubai, Gloria is a wife, mom, cross-cultural worker, and the author of several books, including Alive in Him: How Being Embraced by the Love of Christ Changes Everything

“It has been my privilege to know Andreas Köstenberger as a friend for over 20 years. I always find his writings to be thoughtful, insightful, carefully researched, and faithful to Scripture. His heart is committed to protecting the doctrinal integrity of the church of Christ. I’m glad he is making more of his material available now on his newly relaunched website.”

—Wayne Grudem, Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary and author of Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine

“When it comes to the internet, it is hard to know where to turn for solid biblical thinking on the critical issues of the day.  This is why I am so pleased to see the fresh launch of Andreas Köstenberger’s website Biblical Foundations. This site is a treasure trove of great material on a variety of topics from biblical theology to apologetics to marriage and family.  It is a place where one can dive deeply into the Word of God with one of the top biblical scholars in the world today. If you are looking for a Christ-centered site that can help you grow in your faith and knowledge, this is it.”

—Michael Kruger, President at Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte and President Elect of the Evangelical Theological Society (2017)

“Andreas Köstenberger, a trusted name in the evangelical world, treats the Christian community to a well-organized site, easy to navigate and populated with a large array of theologically rich material. Biblical in content and evangelical in orientation one will find the contents fit for the evangelical mind interested in thinking through ideas that count in developing one’s spiritual life and preparing for service in His Name. Explore and see for yourself.”

—Bruce A. Little; Senior Professor of Philosophy at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Dr Andreas Köstenberger is one of the preeminent evangelical biblical scholars of our time. This resource showcases much of that excellent work at an accessible level, brimming with insight and usability. I warmly commend Biblical Foundations.”

Dr. Josh Moody, Senior Pastor, College Church, Wheaton, IL

“A number of my good friends involved in gospel work around the world do not have the advantage of a theological library nearby. Thankfully, Biblical Foundations provides a broad array of biblical and theological resources to help with study, teaching, preaching, and kingdom work. But the site is not just for those without access to good libraries. It’s the kind of resource that I’ll turn to for sharpening my skills as a pastor, author, and Christian leader. I gladly encourage pastors, missionaries, theological students, and scholars to check out the excellent tools at Biblical Foundations.”

Phil A. Newton, Ph.D., Senior Pastor, South Woods Baptist Church, Memphis, TN and author, The Mentoring Church: How Pastors and Congregations Cultivate Leaders

“Dr. Andreas Köstenberger’s Biblical Foundations website is an absolute gift to the Christian, the church, the university, and the skeptic genuinely asking and seeking answers to life’s most pressing questions. From theological complex questions to challenging biblical interpretive questions to gender confusing questions that both the church and culture have to those commonly held objections to the Christian faith, Dr. Köstenberger humbly, winsomely, and confidently gives answers. Since truth really does matter, building your life on a solid foundation really matters. Dr. Köstenberger has provided such a resource in www.BiblicalFoundations.org to build. This site is a must for any and all to get the answers so many are looking for.”

—Dave Owen, Senior Associate Pastor, Providence Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC

“The biblical foundations website is a treasure trove of information with articles, blogs, references to crucial books, and more! Most important, the material found here faithfully represents the biblical message and wisely articulates it to this generation.”

—Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY

“Dr. Andreas Köstenberger is a prolific author and New Testament scholar who has written on various facets of Christian studies.  Now, he has provided a free means to navigate a library of his resources on the web. The Biblical Foundations web site addresses a range of topics from apologetics, to hermeneutics, to New Testament studies, discipleship, and several more. The delivery methods include articles, audio, video, books, book reviews, courses and other formats.  These topics and resources are arranged to be found easily and the site includes a search engine for key words.”

“What a treasure of resources for pastors, seminarians, lay leaders, and any student of the Bible.  Easy to access helps that will strengthen and enhance your understanding of the faith and gain greater insights into the Word of God!  I have added this valuable site to my list of favorites.”

—Roger Severino, Adult Minister – Leadership, Brentwood Baptist Church, Brentwood, TN

“In May of 2017, our church was fortunate to have Dr. Köstenberger come and speak at our conference and lead some training with staff and elders. However, despite our desire to keep him in Canada, Dr. Köstenberger had to return to his home. In view of his departure, it is wonderful to see that this newly revamped website, www.biblicalfoundations.5mt.site, provides access to so many helpful resources from Dr. Köstenberger. On topics of significant import, and some of significant controversy, Köstenberger’s solid, biblical teaching and research is easy to find and thus easy to make use of for whatever purpose one has in mind whether that be sermon preparation, personal study, or academic endeavours. Dr. Köstenberger is a gift to the body of Christ, and his many years of hard work are available to the global church; what an incredible gift! I will definitely make use of it, and will encourage others to do the same.”

—Jude St. John, Lead Pastor, West London Alliance Church, London, Ontario, Canada

“The updated, colorful and easy-to-navigate Biblical Foundations website is not merely a virtual “library of biblical resources.” This site is an actual treasure of careful reflection and solid, hermeneutically faithful teaching on current matters essential for the church and its ministers. Through the essays, videos, and links available on the Biblical Foundations site, Andreas Köstenberger helps us to think critically, biblically, and profoundly about vital issues concerning theology, the text of Scripture, the Great Commission, and, with help from his wife Margaret, marriage, family, and gender roles. I’m grateful for this wealth of exegetical and practical instruction committed to a high view of Scripture and a sincere desire to glorify Jesus Christ.”

—Gregory Stiekes, Professor of New Testament at Bob Jones University

“The resources available at Biblical Foundations will prove helpful to any interested reader. The wide variety of topics covered share one thing in common: a commitment to boldly and clearly present the teaching of the Bible even if it is not politically or culturally acceptable. There is always a danger for biblical interpreters to alter their positions under pressure; this is a site at which the Bible is honored and followed without embarrassment or fear.”

—Alexander E. Stewart, Academic Dean and Associate Professor of New Testament Language and Literature at Tyndale Theological Seminary, The Netherlands

“Andreas Köstenberger is a world-class New Testament scholar. The Biblical Foundations website—now redesigned and relaunched—graciously gathers together the fruit of his labors and presents them to the church for free, all with the aim of helping to restore the biblical foundations for God-honoring family, church, and society. The result is a free, user-friendly biblical studies library, available to God’s people around the globe. I am grateful for this ministry, and I am glad to commend it with enthusiasm!”

—Justin Taylor, Executive Vice President of book publishing and book publisher for Crossway

“Of the making of websites there is no end, including websites that have to do with the Bible, but Andreas Köstenberger has done something extremely valuable and somewhat unique. He is an expert in the Bible, not merely a pundit, and he is offering all kinds of resources on a host of related topics, including biblical theology, women, various books of the Bible, and numerous other things FOR FREE!  While it is often true that the free stuff on the web is free for a reason, namely it’s not very valuable and couldn’t be published otherwise, just the opposite is the case with this website. It is first rate, and you get the benefit of a genuine scholar who is up to speed on the areas covered on the website.  Skip other websites and bookmark this one!  Highly recommended.”

—Ben Witherington, III, Amos Prof. of NT for Doctoral Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary

“Andreas Köstenberger is known for handling Scripture with unusual care and precision, and his new website is an unusually valuable resource for the Christian reader (and listener!)—a treasure trove that you will want to revisit time and again. Very eagerly recommended!”

—Fred Zaspel, Pastor at Reformed Baptist Church, Franconia, PA, Executive Editor at Books at a Glance, and Associate Professor of Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary