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Holy Week: Wednesday (April 1, AD 33)

Wednesday: The Plot Against Jesus (April 1, AD 33)

Matt 26:1-5; Mark 14:1-2; Luke 21:37-22:2

Sunday had seen the Triumphal Entry, Monday the Temple cleansing, and Tuesday a series of controversies with the Jewish authorities and teachers of the law. By contrast, Wednesday is a rather quiet day—as it turns out, the quiet before the storm. There are no recorded controversies, though Matthew, Mark, and Luke each narrate the escalating plot of the Jewish ruling council—the Sanhedrin—against Jesus. We get the impression that their mind is made up and their verdict has been rendered even before they officially meet to discuss what to do with Jesus.

In our culture, we are hard pressed to compromise our faith and to conform to the world around us. Are we giving in? Or are we bearing bold witness to our faith? In which ways do you and I need to be willing to stand out and be counted for Jesus?

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