City of God and Goal of Creation

This fascinating short study provides a splendid overview of the Bible’s teaching on the city of God, tracing its early beginnings in the garden of Eden and following it all the way to its culmination in the New Jerusalem. This is biblical theology at its best. A magnificent study!”
Andreas J. Köstenberger

I was grateful to endorse this recent volume by T. D. Alexander, The City of God and the Goal of Creation. Dr. Alexander is Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies at Union Theological College in the UK. I heartily commend this book as a great example of biblical theology in practice. This volume is also part of the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series edited by Dane Ortlund and Miles Van Pelt and published by Crossway. There are a number of excellent volumes in this series.

You can purchase the book and explore the series here. Dr. Alexander was also recently interviewed for this book by Fred Zaspel at Books At a Glance. You can read the full interview here.

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