Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible: Review

This new software provides the necessary resources for the study of Scripture in the original languages. Numerous translations are made available as well. The texts are managed through the Libronix Digital Library System (LDLS). LDLS is an open system, which allows other software products to be added (see The data base for the Hebrew Old Testament (BHS) was developed by a work group at the University of Amsterdam and is made available here for the first time. The data base for the Greek New Testament was developed by the GRAMCORD Institute. The Septuagint (LXX) text used is the CCAT version.

This is a very powerful new study tool that will prove its usefulness especially to the advanced user with competency in the original languages and the willingness to spend the necessary time in learning the program. Especially helpful is the availability of the tagged BHS data base and of the text-critical apparatuses of the BHS and the Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament. The Instruction Manual is clearly laid out, and the program is easy to install and to use. It comes highly recommended for those who want the very best in original language research software.

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