Review: Accordance

Since its release in 1994, Accordance has had its enthusiastic followers. Now the software, developed and distributed by Oak Tree Software (, is available also for the PC user through the inexpensive Macintosh Emulator device. The Scholar’s Collection CD-ROM offers a selection of Greek and Hebrew texts as well as scholarly reference works and translations. The unlock system makes it possible for each user to add specific tools of his or her choice. Critical for the serious Bible student is access to grammatically tagged Greek and Hebrew texts. Accordance leads the way in making available tagged texts of the Mishnah, the Pseudepigrapha, the Targums, Inscriptions, Dead Sea Scrolls, Josephus, and the Apostolic Fathers. Other specialized research tools include the MT/LXX Parallel and the Qumran Index, as well as many lexicons.

This review is for Accordance version 6.4.

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