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Language and Literature of the NT: A Review

This Festschrift honoring Stanley Porter contains 32 essays organized in two parts, “The Texts and Language of the New Testament” (13 essays) and “The Literature and Theology of the New Testament” (19 essays). One essay is in German; all other essays are in English.

The volume commences with a 60-page essay on “Interdisciplinary New Testament Scholarship: An Introduction to the Research of Professor Stanley E. Porter” by his former student, Andrew Pitts, who also served as one of the editors. As Pitts notes, while Porter is primarily known for his work in Greek language and linguistics, he is a noted practitioner of interdisciplinary scholarship as evidenced by his numerous contributions to a large variety of fields.

Pitts proceeds to discuss Porter’s contribution as an editor; in papyrology, text criticism, and canon studies; NT Greek grammatical and linguistic study; translation theory and application; Pauline studies; historical Jesus research; Synoptic Gospels and Luke-Acts research; Johannine studies; hermeneutics, history of interpretation, and interpretive methodologies; rhetorical criticism; the social world of the NT; the use of the OT in the NT; and pedagogy and philosophy of education/scholarship.

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