Introducing Biblical Hermeneutics: A Review

In this significant work, which represents the culmination of a long-standing hermeneutical project, Craig Bartholomew has produced an interesting compendium on a wide range of topics related to biblical hermeneutics. At the same time, those expecting an introduction to hermeneutics as the title suggests may not find what they are looking for. Instead, the volume consists of somewhat loosely connected chapters that together seek to provide a comprehensive framework for biblical interpretation.

The book is organized in five parts with a total of fifteen chapters. It appropriately starts with Part 1: Approaching Biblical Interpretation. Parts 2 and 3 deal with Biblical Interpretation and Biblical Theology and The Story of Biblical Interpretation, respectively. Part 4 is devoted to a discussion of Biblical Interpretation and the Academic Disciplines, while Part 5 bears the title The Goal of Biblical Interpretation (i.e. the practical outworking of hermeneutics). In what follows, I will summarize key content and occasionally intersperse interaction throughout.

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