Interview on the White Horse Inn

Interview on Preaching the Gospel of John



I was privileged to join Dr. Jason Allen, president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, on his podcast Preaching and Preachers to discuss preaching through the Gospel of John. Dr. Allen’s team has included a list of topics we discussed, which we’ve included below.

  • A brief update on Dr. Köstenberger’s current ministry at Southeastern
  • When Dr. Köstenberger’s developed an interest in the Gospel of John
  • Why preachers should preach through the Gospel of John
  • The existential bite of the Gospel of John
  • The Gospel of John compared to the Synoptic Gospels
  • What preachers should be aware of before preaching the Gospel of John
  • The main theological themes in the Gospel of John
  • The Trinitarian mission theology of the Gospel of John
  • Exegetical or theological difficulties associated with the Gospel of John

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