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First Days of Jesus Course

What do you think the eyewitnesses of Jesus’ birth would think of our modern Christmas celebrations? Most likely, they would be amazed at the way in which our holiday traditions fail to do justice to this amazing event in human history. Yet while we can’t go back in time and witness the events firsthand, we do have reliable accounts of the birth of Jesus in the Gospels. A slow, careful walk through the infancy narratives will give you a glimpse of what truly happened and help us see the birth of Jesus with new eyes.

The First Days of Jesus

The First Days of Jesus is divided into three parts: Part 1 covers Matthew’s account of the birth and infancy of Jesus, Part 2 turns to Luke’s account, and Part 3 unearths John’s unique witness. Each part looks at the respective Gospel on its own terms and highlights unique emphases, in addition to comparing the narratives that the Gospels have in common. The study unpacks specific words and phrases in the text and engages with the political and social context of the biblical events.

Above all, this study is devotional. To interpret the narratives on Jesus’ birth rightly, our hearts need to sing in worship to our God who put on flesh and dwelt among us. It is our hope and prayer that The First Days of Jesus will lead you to this kind of encounter with Jesus through his Word.