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A Biblical Theology of Religions

“The Contribution of the General Epistles and Revelation to a Biblical Theology of Religions,” in Christianity and the Religions: An Evangelical Theology of Religions, EMS Missiological Monographs 2 (ed. Edward Rommen and Harold A. Netland; Pasadena, Calif.: William Carey, 1995), 113-40.

Do the general epistles and Revelation provide any information regarding a proper Christian response to other religious faiths? What can we learn from these writings about dealing with other religions? First, we can observe how the biblical authors themselves dealt with other religions.

Second, we may ask how these writings provide any other
helpful material for interacting with other faiths, such as teaching on the unique person and work of Christ, on Christians’ identity in the world, and on the church’s relationship to the world, particularly with reference to mission.

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