Advent Reading Plan

Advent Reading Plan

The following Advent Reading Plan, reproduced from The First Days of Jesus: The Story of the Incarnation by Andreas J. Kӧstenberger and Alexander E. Stewart (foreword by Justin Taylor; Wheaton: Crossway, 2015) includes six readings from the Old Testament, six from Matthew, nine from Luke, and four from John.

The readings, keyed to The First Days of Jesus, move from some of the major Old Testaments texts expressing messianic expectations to the infancy narratives in Matthew and Luke to John’s prologue. Ideally, these Scripture passages should be read in conjunction with the respective chapter in this volume.

The Advent Reading Plan starts on December 1 and ends on December 25. This will make a wonderful set of readings for individual study, families, and small groups in local churches. May Christ be exalted and God be glorified! The authors wish everyone a merry, Christ-centered Christmas!


Date Scripture Passage Topic First Days
December 1 Luke 1:1–4 An account from eyewitnesses Introduction
December 2 Genesis 49:8–12 The scepter of Judah Chapter 1
December 3 Isaiah 9:6–7; 11:1–5 A child is born; a branch of Jesse Chapter 1
December 4 Micah 5:2–4 A ruler born in Bethlehem Chapter 1
December 5 Matthew 1:1–17 Jesus’s ancestry Chapter 1
December 6 Matthew 1:18–25 The virgin birth Chapter 2
December 7 Matthew 2:1–12 The visit of the magoi Chapter 3
December 8 Matthew 2:13–15 Escape to Egypt Chapter 4
December 9 Matthew 2:16–18 Herod’s order Chapter 4
December 10 Matthew 2:19–23 Return to Nazareth Chapter 4
December 11 Luke 1:5–25 John the Baptist’s birth foretold Chapter 5
December 12 Luke 1:26–38 Jesus’s birth foretold Chapter 5
December 13 Luke 1:39–45 Mary’s visit to Elizabeth Chapter 6
December 14 Luke 1:46–56 Mary’s song (Magnificat) Chapter 6
December 15 Luke 1:57–66 Birth of John the Baptist Chapter 7
December 16 Luke 1:67–80 Zechariah’s song (Benedictus) Chapter 7
December 17 Luke 2:1–7 Birth of Jesus Christ Chapter 8
December 18 Luke 2:8–21 The angelic announcement Chapter 9
December 19 Luke 2:22–40 Simeon’s and Anna’s prophecies Chapter 10
December 20 John 1:1–5, 18 The preexistent Word Chapter 11
December 21 John 1:6–8, 15 John the Baptist’s witness Chapter 12
December 22 John 1:9–14 The Word-become-flesh Chapter 13
December 23 John 1:16–17 The law, grace, and truth Chapter 14
December 24 Isaiah 52:13–53:12 The suffering servant Chapter 15
December 25 Revelation 21:1–8 A new heaven and a new earth Epilogue



To download an excerpt of The First Days of Jesus, including the preface, the introduction, and chapter 1, see the Crossway website, where you can also purchase a copy of the book.

You can also purchase a copy of the book at Amazon.



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